Music Against the Patriarchy on Thu 10/5/17

Artist Title Album New Local
Supreme Nothing Tiger Trap s/t
Aye Nako Cut it Off Unleash Yourself
No Vacation Yam Yam Yam Yam
First Aid Kid No Shame single
All Girl Summer Fun Band Grass Skirt Summer of '98
Charly Bliss Westermarck Guppy
Tacocat Bridge to Hawaii NVM
Childbirth Siri, Open Tinder Women's Rights
Fake Boyfriend Ship Mercy
RACKETT Ready or Not! Ready or Not!
Dyke Drama The Thing I Do Best Tender Resignation
Joanna Gruesome Psykick Espionage Peanut Butter
Swearin' Kenosha s/t
Palehound Carnations A Place I'll Always G
Pip Blom Babies are a Lie Babies Are a Lie
Marika Hackman Boyfriend I'm Not Your Man
Lunar Vacation Blue Honey Swell
Adult Mom J Station Soft Spots
Spook School I'll Be Honest Dress Up
Julia Holter In the Green Wild In the Same Room
Hot Tears like sand stronger lady
Vaselines Son of A Gun Enter the Vaselines
Hazel English Just Give In Never Going Home
The Breeders Wait in the Car single
Erin Tobey I'm Young Middlemaze
R. Ring Cutter Ignite the Rest
Fleabite I Want You in My Room Boom Boom Boom
Allo Darlin' Allo Darlin' Kiss Your Lips
Those Darlins Screws Get Loose Screws Get Loose

Music Against the Patriarchy

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