Music Against the Patriarchy on Thu 10/12/17

Artist Title Album New Local
Alvvays In Undertow Antisolialites
The Dove & the Wolf The Smell of Us I Don't Know What to Feel
Hinds Trippy Gum Very of Hinds so Far
Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Crane Your Neck Ripely Pine
Benny the Jet Rodriguez Alley Cat Home. Run.
The Courtneys 90210 s/t
Soccer Mommy Try Collection
Crying Wool in the Wash Beyond the Fleeting Gates
Bleached Can you Deal? Can You Deal?
Against Me! Crash Landing Shape Shift with Me
Lemuria Lipstick Get Better
Upset Glass Ceiling '76
Daddy Issues Locked Out Deep Dream
Katie Ellen Sad Girls Club Cowgirl Blues
Lisa Prank Starting Again Adult Teen
The Julie Ruin I Decide Hit Reset
Swanning Sleep My Pretties Drawing Down the Moon
Dear Nora You are 26 Three States: Rarities
The Shivas You Make Me Wanna Die You Know What to Do
Lomelda Interstate Thx
Priests Nothing Feels Natural Appropriate
Pinkwash Longer Now Collective Sigh
U.S. Girls Women's Work Half Free
Grass Widow To Where s/t
Onsind Immature single

Music Against the Patriarchy

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