Electric Zoo on Wed 1/31/18

Artist Title Album New
Spice Boys I Don't Get Around Glade
Shame Concrete Songs of Praise
Crashing Hotels Tsunami Exploration Exploration
Mathew Daher Shift (Manifesto) Dwelling Lightheartedly In The Futility of Everthing
The Zephyr Bones Juglar Child on the Carousel Secret Place
Field Music Let's Write A book Measure
Gorpopap Season Change Escapism
White Denim No Nee Ta Slode Aln No Need Ta Slode Aln
Kero Kero Bonito Trampoline Trampoline
Cape Francis What Am I Missing Falling to Pieces
Bottin, Lavinia Claws YAML I Have What I Gave
Dreambeaches The Only Reason You Want To Go To California is That It's The Closest Thing to Heaven Disappearing Act
King Krule La Lune the OOZ
Rotary Downs Orion Traces
Roam The Idiot Roam
Sheridan Fox Water Patagonia
John Maus Touchdown Screen Memories
Blue Field The Luxembourg Signal Blue Signal
Hess iS More It's Backwards No Matter what I Do 80 Years
Gainstrive Ghosts Temporary Decay
Gajek St Pierre '17
Rob Crow Some Things My Room Is a Mess
Boredoms (Heart) Vision Creation Newsun
Comets on FIre Jaybird Avatar
The Holydrug Couple Counting Sailboats Noctuary

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