Electric Zoo on Wed 2/14/18

Artist Title Album New
Lard Hellfudge Power of Lard
Hockey Dad Homely Feeling Blend Inn
Human Highway The Sound Moody Motorcycle
Wand M.E. Machine Man
Skinny Puppy Hit Me In The Streets The Greater Wrong of he Right
BOYO Binge Me, Again
Front 242 With Your Cries Geography
Nitzer Ebb Murderous The Total Age
Megapuss Crop Circle Jerk '94 Surfing
Loma Relay Runner Relay Runner - Single
Suburban Lawns Anything Suburban Lawns
Sacagawea and the Hunters Escalation Escalation
KMFDM Money Money
Fraternal Twin Skin Gets Hot Skin Gets Hot
Meat Puppets Aurora Borealis II
The Wonder Years A Song For Earnest Hemmingway Burst & Decay
Delta Sleep 16:40am Management
Enjoy I've Wasted So Much Time Gold
Tracy Bryant Hey Spaceman! Subterranean
The Undercover Dream Lovers Just To Die While It's In Style
Wei Zhongle Mute The Operators
Banny Grove The Manger Cars In Control
Pollen Dinosaurs Mister Manufacture
The Spook School Less Than Perfect Could It Be Different?
Oliver Spalding Unfurl Unfurl
Applesauce Tears The New Battle of Nancy Pastoral
Artichoke Two Cats Watching the News Echoes
Tennyson Body Language (Ft. Aloe Blacc) Uh Oh!
Forest Bees Off Color Forest Bees
XTC Mermaid Smiled Skylarking

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