Music Against the Patriarchy on Thu 2/15/18

Artist Title Album New
Spook School Less Than Perfect Could It Be Different
Typhoon Chiaroscuro Offerings
Haley Heynderickx Worth It I Need to Start a Garden
Bedouine Nice and Quiet s/t
Julie Byrne Sleepwalker Not Even Happiness
Molly Burch Wrong For You Please Be Mine
La Femme Ou va le Monde Mystere
Katie Dey Fear o the Dark asdfasdf
Ava Luna Steve Polyester Infinite House
Mothers Pink and Blue I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats
Half Waif Keep It Out single
Allison Crutchfield Mile Away Tourist in this Town
Little Big League Boyish undefined
Dear Nora You Are 26

Music Against the Patriarchy

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