Electric Zoo on Wed 2/21/18

Artist Title Album New
Obnox I Hate Everything Murder Radio
Tobacco Gods In Heat Sweatbox Dynasty
BB Eye Marinated Toe Headcheese Heartthrob
Nots Anxious Trend Anxious Trend/ In Glass
Helta Skelta Nightclubbin' Nightclubbin'
Palm Composite Rock Island
Marriage + Cancer God Is Tan Marriage + Cancer
Lomelda Bam Sha Klam Thx
The Rosebuds Make Out Song Make Out
Feild Music Count It Up Open Here
The Golden Boys Cincinnati Better Than Good Times
New Fumes Pyche Teeming 2
I Think Like Midnight Frictionless Warm Seclusion Stucture
Vanilla Poppers Hole's The Goal Vanilla Poppers
The Prefab Messiahs Everything U No Everything U No
CAN Father Cannot Yell Monster Movie
Do Make Say Think The Landlord Is Dead Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead
The Thin Bloods All Pinned Up Twin Tumors, Vol. 1
The Clean Slug Song Compilation
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Hoshi Neko YT//ST
Superdivorce The Gavel Action Figures
Ricky Eat Acid Slo-Dancin' Haunt U Forever
Gea Alone Butterflies
Gescom Helix Shatterproof Mini Disc
The Microphones Ocean Window:
Laurel Halo Koinos Dust
Doon Kanda Wings Heart EP
Broadcast Tender Buttons Tender Buttons
Ought Passionate Turn Sun Coming Down
Wooden Arms Cole Porter Trick of the Light
Shopping Wild Child The Official Body

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