Dr. Plotkin's Majikal Evening X-Perience on Thu 3/29/18

b2b w/ BeeTee Beats from LEFT RITE

Artist Title Album Label
Michael Jackson Get Kon The Floor PYT / Get Kon The Floor Star Time
Cotonete, Dimitri From Paris Parribean Disco Paribbean Disco / The Hustle Parisian Heavenly Sweetness
DJ Vas Tell Me Re-Edits & More Vol. 4 EDR Records
Bas Roos Ugly House Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 18 Exploited Germany
BeeTee Beats Jenny Asterios Aid
BABAK Oh, I Want You Close By My Side Invisible Senses Neovinyl Recordings
Risqué Ghassemi
Gavino Soul Drive
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee Get On Ya Feet Slo Mo Disco Editorial
Nebraska Deep Within Drill Deep EP RazorNTape
Demuja Mood Demuja's Disco Cuts MUJA
Lounge Loafers Losing You Losing You Mena Music
Juah Try (Dizko Toaster Remix) Try Colortape
Pat Lok No Shame (OHYEAH Remix) No Shame On The Fruit Records
Les Loups Side To Side (L'El Tranger Remix) Side To Side
Folamour Dancing On That Rainbow In The Poneymantrix L'Homme Ne Descend Pas du Singe Mais du Bruit FHUO Records
Nachtbraker Hamdi Misses Madame Mademoiselle Heist Recordings
Dudmode Une Nuit Dans l'Herbe Une Nuit Dans l'Herbe Blue Night Jungle
Geography of Heaven Pinky Promise Pineapple Chikyu-u
Monstro Boogie Belgique Nightwalker Vol. II
Club Des Belugas Hip-Hip Chin Chin (Yaziko Club Mix) HÔTEL COSTES A DECADE BY STÉPHANE POMPOUGNAC Pschent Music
Vassili Gemini Minimal Pudding
Alec Troniq Klatschmohn ESE Compilation 2014 Ton Liebt Klang
Coffee Pot Agricanto Coffee Pot 003 Coffee Pot
Losoul Open Door Open Door Elevate
Saine Gravy Voyage Sampler 01 Voyage Recordings
Detroit Swindle Sugar Sugar Circular City Heist Recordings
incontroL Indian Chief
Extra Medium Let's Make Some Noise
Tommy Largo Bake A Cake Ace of Cakes Guesthouse Music
Pepe Bradock Deep Burnt Burning Kif Recordings

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Back from your after after-party dreams and morning commute haze, the good doctor is here to fuel your Thursday night action. Tune in 10 PM to midnight for an exclusive live mix featuring the best in disco, funk and everything in between! You might be feeling down, depressed, or just plain uninspired but two hours of that good good ish is exactly what the doctor ordered. Be sure to stay tuned and up to date for special appearances from other talented members of the doctor's medical squad as he shares the decks with Philadelphia's finest. Stay groovy folks!