Electric Zoo on Mon 5/14/18

Artist Title Album New
TTNG Cat Fantastic
The Holydrug Couple Atlantic Postcards Moonlust
chris cohen Monad Overgrown Path
TV Girl Birds Don't Sing French Exit
The Orange Peels Room 222 Trespassing
Karate Break Adderall-nighter Karate Break
Echo Bloom Grand Marquis Green
Goat Girl The Man Goat Girl
Makeness Loud Patterns Loud Patterns
Oracle Hysterical Leto's Laurel Hecuba
Plushgun Just Impolite Pins & Panzers
Psychic Teen TARNISH Nerve
Slint Breadcrumb Trail Spiderland
Triathalon I Want It I Want It
Jets To Brazil Chinatown Orange Rhyming Dictionary
Arthur AB AB
More Eaze Spin the Knife BodiezNco0de
Beach House Dark Spring 7
No Thank You Space to Grieve All It Takes To Ruin It All
Shabazz Palaces The Neurochem Mixologue Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star
Horsey Weeping Park Outside Your Mother's House
Land of Talk Yuppy Flu Some Are Lakes
Crumb Locket Locket

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