Electric Zoo on Tue 11/13/18

Artist Title Album New
Delfino Flylo Fall2018
White Demin Magazin Performance
Poptone Mirror People Poptone
Grapetooth Death Grapetooth
JANK Vin Decent Awkward Pop Songs
Mumblr 2012 Full of Snakes
Petal I'm Sorry Magic Gone
Black Dice Creature Creature Comforts
River Whyless Motel 6 Kindness, A Rebel
Operation Ivy Healthy Body Operation Ivy
Jane's Addiction Of Course Ritual De La Habitual
Animal Collective taste Live at College Street
Saves the Day Banned From the Porch Through Being Cool
Ruler Petrified Winning Star Champion
The Multiple Cat Theme for -S Intricate Maps
The Holydrug Couple Forever End Hyper Super Mega
The intelligence Dating Corps Live in San Fransisco
The Goon Sax Somewhere in Between We're Not Talking
Sur Back Valentino Kitsch II
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Meat Glorified Magnified
Shelly Manne Everything Happens To Me The Three and The Two
Shoot Midnight Train On The Frontier
Delfino Assorted Assorted

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