Electric Zoo on Wed 3/13/19

Artist Title Album New
Stereolab New Othrophony Mars Audiac quintet
White Noise Your Hidden Dreams An Electric Storm
Archy Marshall Sex With Nobody A New Place 2 Drown
Four Tet LA Trance New Energy
Darvid Thor Do It Again I'm Never Really Here
Winded City For Love I'm Still Here
Romare L.U.V. Love Songs: Part Two
Tropical F*** Storm Two Afternoons A Laughing Death in Meatspace
Liily Nine Nine I Can Fool AnyoneIn This Town
Ladytron Commodore Rock 604
Exploded View Lark Descending Exploded View
BB eye Headcheese Hearthrob BB Eye
Chain Wallet World I Used to Call Mine No Ritual
Feels Car Post Earth
Frankie + The Witch Fingers Work ZAM
Severed Heads God Song Since The Accident
Monotract Muddy Thunder Trueno Oscuro
The T's Mr. Rebel Capital T
Piroshka Village of the Damned Brickbat
Aaron Taos Control Birthday Boy
Kiwi Jr. Leslie Football Money
Champs Solid Action Solid Action
Baby Fuzzz DisneyLand Plastic Paradise
Gorpopap Hellohellohello/Estuary Gorpopap

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