Kick It! on Mon 5/6/19

Artist Title Album New
Florist If Blue Could Be Happiness If Blue Could Be Happiness
Bad Bad Hats Psychic Reader Psychic Reader
Julia Jacklin Pressure to Party Crushing
Cherry Glazer Wasted Nun Stuffed & Ready
Girlpool Pretty What Chaos is Imaginary
Cyberbully Mom Club Philadelphia, Don't You Haunt Me Amy Locust Whatever
Coping Skills Drop Out of College Relatable Web Content
Diet Cig Barf Day Swear I'm Good At This
Stella Donnelly Tricks Beware of the Dogs
Pezzettino Home Resin
Free Cake for Every Creature Around You The Bluest Star
Camp Cope Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steal Beams Camp Cope
The Moldy Peaches Nyc's Like a Graveyard ST
Soccer Mommy Last Girl Clean
Petal Nature Shame
Phoebe Green She Makes You Weak 02:00 AM
Grace Ives Mansion 2nd
Eerie Wanda Moon Pet Town
Lilly Nine I Can Fool Anyone In This Town
Alice Kristiansen Lost My Mind Lost My Mind
Foxanne Little Hands halfling
Little Big League Miss AC Tropical Jinx
Mal Blum Altitude Tempest in a Teacup
IAN SWEET 2soft2chew Shapeshifter
Ally Hills Wrong Wrong
Summer Salt You Are Small The Places You Call Home
awakebutstillinbed opener what people call...

Kick It!

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Monday 4-6pm
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Join me in embracing and overcoming our Monday emotions with my favorite current tunes. Ranging from emo to alt rap to indie, folk, and whatever else I came across since last week.
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