Electric Zoo on Wed 5/22/19

Artist Title Album New
Cornelius Lazy Fantasma
Murayama The Distance Between Us Unfurl
Eli Keszler Measurement Doesn't Change the System.. Stadium
Daedelus Experience Invention
Laurie Speigel The Unquestioned Answer The Expanding Universe
Winded CIty For Love I'm Still Here
Said The Whale Record Shop Cascadia
Drahla Gilded Cloud Useless Coordinates
Black Taffy Geraldine Elder Mantis
Shunta Hasunuma, U-Zhaan Green Gold Grey 2 Tone
Sparks Sherlock Holmes Angst In My Pants
Red House Painters 24 Down Colourful Hill
The Mint Chicks Ockham's Razor Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
Savath & Savalas Te Quiero Pero Por Otro Lado... Apropa't
Pulgas I Always Need a good Night's Sleep Open to Most Things
Talk to Plants Open to Most things Talk to Plants
The Demos If You Only Knew If You Only Knew
Julia Jacklin Pressure to Party Crushing
Versing Long Chord 10000
Machine Girl Athoth a Go!! Go! ...Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hat Everything You Stand For
J Fernandez Read My Mind Many Levels Of Laughter
Lower Dens I Get Nervous Twin-Handed Movement
Tera Melos System Preferences Trash Generator
Damien Jurado Lincoln In The Shape of A Storm
Jodi Buonano The Secret Stars - The Congress In My Living Room
Girls Hellhole Ratrace Album
Peaking Lights Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) 936
Drose A Cry/ Knuckle A Voice

Electric Zoo

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