Electric Zoo on Wed 6/5/19

Artist Title Album New
Snapped Ankles Rechargeable Stunning Luxary
Arthur Russel The Platfom On The Ocean Calling Out Of Context
Com Truise Persuasion System Persuasion System
The Octopus Project I Saw The Bright Shines Hello, Avalanche
CCFX Venetian Screens CCFX EP
Women Locust Valley Public Strain
The Pinheads Feel It Now Is This Real
Pezzettino Home Resin
The National Oblivions I Am Easy To Find
Richard Dawson Ogre Peasant
Clarence Clarity Leave Earth Leave Earth
Water Temple Bad Times Sleep to This
Cowgirl Clue Cherry Jubilee Cherry Jubilee
sBACH Track 01 sBACH
Omni Eyes on The Floor Deluxe
Ought Around Again More Than Any Other Day
Soak Fall Alseep/ Backseat Grim Town
Rare Dm Almost A Year Vanta Black
Lucille Furs No Word In English Another Land
slowthai, Mura Masa Doorman Nothing Great About Britain
Enjoy Small Car Big Wheels Small Car Big Wheels
Boys Age Sour The Inner Moon
ScubaZ The Vanishing American Family The Vanishing American Family
Meitei Sankai Kwaidan
Neon Indian Hit Parade Vega Intl. Night School
Sonic Youth Shadow of A Doubt Evol
Rinse & Repeat Apprehension Fig. 3
Hot Flash Heat Wave Glo Ride Glo Ride
Hala Reruns Spoonfed
Stevie Dinner One Day Ready to Dine
The Symposium Starfall The Symposium

Electric Zoo

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Electric Zoo