Soup Is Good Food on Mon 10/12/09

Artist Title Album New
Operation Ivy Uncertain Plea For Peace
Darkbuster London Town A Weakness For Spirits
Street Dogs Not Without A Purpose Fading American Dream
Gang Green This Job Sucks Another Case Of Brewtality
Carpenter Ant Addiction I Still Have The Drive
Fucked Up Mustaa Lunta Year Of The Pig
Off With Their Heads Until The Day... From The Bottom
Pissed Jeans False Jesii Part 2 King Of Jeans
The Dwarves Drug Store Blood, Guts, & Pussy
The Bronx Private Affair Bats!
Rocket From The Crypt White Belt Group Sounds
Circle Jerks Back Against The Wall Group Sex
The Dicks Dicks Hate The Police Dicks Hate The Police
Flipper Ha Ha Ha Let Them Eat Jellybeans
Stiff Little Fingers No More Of That Inflammable Material
The Mr. T Experience Boredom Zone The Thing That Ate Floyd
Eddy Current Supression Ring Insufficient Funds Eddy Current Supression Ring
The 101'ers Junco Partner (Live) Elign Avenue Breakdown Revisited
Mischief Brew Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell Smash The Windows
The Mummies A Girl Like You Death By Unga Bunga!!
Obits Talking To The Dog Live On WKDU 7-30-09
Frank Turner Sons Of Liberty Poetry Of The Deed
Wingnut Dishwashers Union Never Trust A Man (Who Plays Guitar) Burn The Earth, Leave It Behind
The Measure (SA) 4th Of July Split w/ Off With Their Heads
Descendents She Loves Me Everything Sucks
Screeching Weasel The Science Of Myth My Brain Hurts
Cock Sparrer Riot Squad Shock Troops
Resistance 77 Long Time Dead Long Time Dead
Big Bad Bollocks Drinkup Yabastards Night On The Tiles
The Tossers The Pub Long Dim Road
The Pogues If I Should Fall From Grace With God If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Chuck Ragan The Trench Gold Country
Radon Rehab Barbie Metric Buttloads Of Rock
Bomb The Music Industry! Bike Test 1 2 3 Get Warmer
Latterman If Batman Was Real, He Would've Beaten The Crap Out Of My Friends ...We Are Still Alive
Husker Du The Biggest Lie Zen Arcade
Dinosaur Jr. Kracked You're Living All Over Me
Mission Of Burma My God Can Beat Up Your God ...And Here It Comes


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