Soup Is Good Food on Mon 12/14/09

last show till january. gonna do a super krieg year in review show. in the meantime, this.

Artist Title Album New
Landmines If You Were In This Band, You'd Be Drunk By Now Landmines
Hit The Switch The Leader In Generic Punk Bands Observing Infinities
Rehasher Turn Around High Speed Access To My Brain
Propaghandi Anti-Manifesto How To Clean Everything
Bombshell Rocks 1.80 Down Street Art Gallery
Candy Snatchers Buzzsay Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed
High Tension Wires Wax Lips And Blood On The Telephone Midnight Cashier
The Dopamines Try This Kids At Home Fest 8
Grabass Charlestons Dale Fest 8
The Measure [SA] Workage Fest 8
Delay Gray Like The Whale Plan-It-X Comp #2
Discount Half Fiction Half Fiction
The Ergs! Books About Miles Davis Upstairs/Downstairs
Yesterday's Ring Spotlight Save The Vinyl
Chuck Ragan Wreck Of The Old '97 All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash
The 241ers Ronnie Goes To Heaven Murderers
Meisce A Virgins Demise Shipwrecked in a Bottle
The Briggs Songs Of Babylon Back To Higher Ground
Darkbuster Armageddon Time A Weakness For Spirits
Street Dogs In Defense Of Dorchester Back To The World
Far From Finished 1849 Living In The Fallout
Naked Raygun Rat Patrol Throb Throb
Youth Brigade Misfortune Let Them Know: The Story Of Youth Brigade And BYO Records Compilation
Sticks & Stones Contempt The Strike & Times
Negative Approach Nothing some comp or something
Bruisers Work Together Singles Collection
G.B.H. Boston Babies City Baby Attacked By Rats
Cro-Mags Show You No Mercy Age Of Quarrel
D.O.A. We Don't Need No Goddamn War War On 45
Fear Lets Have A War The Record
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Filth The List Shit Split
Sakes Alive Image Of Modern Man some comp
Off With Their Heads Hard To Admit Fest 8
Monikers Settlement Wake Up
Banner Pilot Central Standard Collapser
Dear Landlord I Live In Hell Fest 8
Dead To Me By The Throat Cuban Ballerina
Ringers Conswayla Fest 8
Bouncing Souls Quick Check Girl Maniacal Laughter
Bouncing Souls Shark Attack Bouncing Souls
Bouncing Souls Private Radio How I Spent My Summer Vacation


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