Soup Is Good Food on Tue 1/12/10

"there are bands out there without blake schwarzenbach in them, you know"
"yeah, but most of those bands suck."

Artist Title Album New
Severed Head Of State Stand In Harms Way Fucking Butchery
Paint It Black Bliss Amnesia
FU's Warlords Do We Really Want To Hurt You?
D.R.I. Commuter Man Dirty Rotten LP
DYS Insurance Risk Wolfpack
Deathwish Break The Chains Tailgate
Cro-Mags Street Justice Age Of Quarrel
M.I.A. Gas Crisis Lost Boys
The Matt Kurtz One Solid Gold Coffin Debt Sounds
Crimpshrine Can You Feel That? Duct Tape Soup
Avoid One Thing Armbands And Braids Chopstick Bridge
The Copyrights Stuck In Springtime Pop Punk's Not Dead
Vaginasore Jr. Girl Pants This Here Peninsula
Cobra Skulls I Want A Bigger Cobra Skull Draw Mohammed
Higher Giant Friday The 13th The First Five
Higher Giant The Well The First Five
Big D And The Kids Table Learning To Listen Good Luck
Catch 22 9mm And A 3 Piece Suit Keasbey Nights
Cock Sparrer Teenage Heart The Decca Years
The Oppressed Riot Fatal Blow/ Dead And Buried
Resistance 77 Saturday On The Terraces Long Time Dead
Bruisers Molotov (Live) Singles Collection
Far From Finished Plague Living In The Fallout
Off With Their Heads S.O.S. Hospital
Failures Union Hidden Song In What Way
Nothington All The Way Let Them Know: The Story Of Youth Brigade And BYO Records Compilation
O Pioneers!!! Punknews Is Stoked BTMI! split
Christ On A Crutch Nation Of Sheep They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard
Gorilla Biscuits Two Sides Start Today
North Lincoln Spy Midwestern Blood
Future Of The Left Throwing Bricks At Trains Travels With Myself And Another
Fucked Up Black Albino Bones The Chemistry Of Common Life
The Gaslight Anthem Wooderson Sink Or Swim
Avail Nickel Bridge Over The James
Gatorface The Cleaner Fest 8 Comp
The Lawrence Arms Key To The Cty Oh Calcutta!
The Ramones Somebody Put Something In My Drink Animal Boy
The Dwarves Throw That World Away The Dwarves Are Young And Goolooking
Big Black L Dopa Songs About Hanging Out
The Epoxies At The Seams Stop The Future


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