Soup Is Good Food on Tue 2/2/10

bikes are bike bike.
sit in today, playlist is probably wrong.

Artist Title Album New
The Ergs! Bike Shoppe Upstairs/Downstairs
Bomb The Music Industry Bike Test 1 2 3 Get Warmer
Small Brown Bike Safe In Sound The River Bed
Thorns Of Life Not A Track Bike Live at 924 Gillman St. 01/31/09
This Bike Is A Pipebomb Mouseteeth Front Seat Solidarity
Rosa Bike Rides And High Fives I Mississippi You
Defiance, Ohio Bikes And Bridges Share What Ya' Got
Nana Grizol Grady And Dubose Ruth
Yesterday's Ring Punx Not Dead... It's Just Sleeping Punx Not Dead 7"
Fake Problems Diamond Rings It's Great To Be Alive
Cobra Skulls Faith Is A Cobra Sitting Army
Off With Their Heads Ten Years Trouble It's Great To Be Alive
Monikers Papers Wake Up
Jawbreaker Want Unfun
The Unseen Are We Dead Yet? So This Is Freedom?
Lighten Up! Absolutely Not Absolutely Not
Common Enemy Bail Out Living The Dream?
In My Eyes Differece Between The Difference Between


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