Soup Is Good Food on Tue 2/16/10

Artist Title Album New
Gorilla Biscuits New Direction Start Today
Lighten Up! Absolutely Not Absolutely Not
Common Enemy Pac Man Fever Living The Dream?
Paint It Black Salem Bridge Nine Summer Compilation 2009
Direct Control Bucktown Hardcore Demo
7 Seconds Young Til I Die The Crew
JFA Beach Blanket Bong Out Blatant Localism
Black Flag Fix Me The First Four Years
Black Flag Six Pack The First Four Years
Black Flag Rise Above Damaged
Black Flag TV Party Damaged
Black Flag Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Damaged
Circle Jerks I Just Want Some Skank Group Sex
Big Boys Brickwall
Husker Du Tired Of Doing Things Land Speed Record
DYS Circle Storm Brotherhood
Impact Unit My Friend The Pit Demo 83
Bad Religion We're Only Gonna Die How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Agent Orange Breakdown Living In Darkness
Adverts Back From The Dead Television's Over
Adolescents Amoeba Demo
Bad Brains Sailin' On Bad Brains
Bikini Kill In Accordance To Natural Law The Singles
Blatz Donuts Banned In R.C.
The Dicks All Night Fever Dicks Hate The Police
Cro-Mags We Gotta Know Age Of Quarrel
Gang Green Sold Out Sold Out EP
Fucked Up Couple Tracks Couple Tracks
Future Of The Left I Am Civil Service Travels With Myself And Another
The World/Inferno Friendship Society Tattoos Fade East Coast Super Sounds Of Punk Today
Arrivals Dangerous Marvels Of Industry
Andrew Jackson Jihad Brave As A Noun People That Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People Alive
This Bike Is A Pipebomb Body Count Front Seat Solidarity
Endless Mike And The Beagle Club The Market We Are Still At War
Allergic To Bullshit My Sweet Revenge You & Me, This Is What We're For And What We're For Is What We'll Get 7"
Isocracy Rodeo Bedtime For Isocracy
Choking Victim Money No Gods, No Managers
The Dwarves We Must Have Blood The Dwarves Are Young And Goodlooking
All World's on Heroin Mass Nerder
Bomb The Music Industry! Slumlord Adults!!!...Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!
Common Rider Classics Of Love Last Wave Rockers
Big D And The Kids Table Stupid Mind Shot By Lammi
Jeff The Brotherhood U Got The Look Heavy Days
Jawbreaker Tour Song Bivouac


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