Grand Reopening Screening - MAUSOLEUM (1983)

Thursday, July 22, 2021 - 7:30pm

All Ages

PhilaMOCA rises from the grave after 685 days of closure with a screening of the 1983 cult classic MAUSOLEUM!

A maxed-out mix of 1980s supernatural horror and slasher excess, MAUSOLEUM is a stylish, sleazy, and outrageously gory production, featuring a series of imaginative death scenes orchestrated by effects wizard John Carl Buechler (RE-ANIMATOR, GHOULIES). A woman (Bobbie Bresee, EVIL SPAWN) is infected with some no-good Satanic darkness upon visiting her mother’s grave, and she soon embarks on a logic-defying spree of telekinetic head-burstings, sexual mutilations, and high-octane unholy transformations, including one memorable segment where her breasts become carnivorous goblin heads. This inevitably leads to some stress in her relationship with her husband, played by former child evangelist Marjoe Gortner, as well as SANFORD & SON’s wisecracking LaWanda Page as the maid who won’t take shit from demons or anyone else. Throw in one crazed gardener, Mephisto-spawned lazerlight, and a brutal disregard for all rational motives, and you’re in for the best cinematic aneurysm of your life.
We’ve been saving this one for a special occasion and there’s really nothing more special than our grand reopening after being closed for almost 23 months!

Philly Haps

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