Unconscious Compositions on Tue 8/30/11

Artist Title Album New
King Campo Yeah Buddy Prof
Sistena Subversiva Papo De Da Cruz
Com Truise Flightwave Galactic Melt
Deadelus Penny Loafers Bespoke
No Surrender Young World Medicine Babies
Grimes & D'eon Urban Twilight Dark Bloom
Double Plus Good I Know What You Want Here They Come, The Birds of my Youth
Fm Belfast Stripes Don't Want To Sleep
Africa Hitech Cyclic Sun 93 Miillion Miles
Blue Sky Black Death Farewell to the Former World Noir
Errors Supertribe Come Down With Me
Steve Tibbetts Nine Doors/Breating Space Northern Song
Boca Iy Ear Witch Doctor Scream LP
Cumbias, Tamoritos, and Mejoranas Ole Moreno Street Music of Panama
Crazy Hearts Arms Are Up Peripheral Vision
Torpedos Walk Away Philadelphia's Hometown Album
The Ordinarires Intravenous Peripheral Vision/Courage
Rebel Chef and the Flying Sauces Charles Cohen & Michael Vogelmann Philadelphia's Hometown Album
African Head Charge What a Wonderful Day Pay It All Back Volume 2
Digital Boogie You Say Pagan Records Sampler '98
Hossam Ramzy Fallahi Passion Sources - VA

Unconscious Compositions

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Tune in and get psychedelic with DJ Jim. Diggin deeper and deeper into his archives, every week will surely be a heady ear candy crystaly treat. Mmmmmmm - Tuesdays on WKDU, baby.
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