Unconscious Compositions on Thu 9/29/11

Artist Title Album New
Ween The Mollusk The Mollusk
Beats Antique Alto Elekrtrafone
Baba Brooks Teenage Ska Calling All Rude Boys and Girls
The Charms Carry Go Bring Come " "
Kings Of Convenience The Weight of My Words (Four Tet Remix) 12"
The Zawinul Syndicate Criollo The Immigrants
John Blackford Deceleration S/t 12"
Chris Are Love Park A Brief History of the Future
FLOTE Summer Glow Summer Glow
Holy Fuck! Minataur Shock Lovely Allen
Quincy Jones Harlem Drive The Pawnbroker
Prefuse 73 Class of 73' Bells Class of 73' Bells
Dr. Fameus DrTechno
Damn Right! Hightops The City
Damn Right! B.M.F. The City
Tha Itis Gypsy Circus 7"
Velocette Afterimage Clockwords EP
Selway Novazoid Zoids V.1
w/Stomu Yamash'ta Percussion Percussion EP
Eat Static Intercepter 12"
2nd Gen and/or 12"
Beats Antique Cat Skillz Elektrafone

Unconscious Compositions

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Tune in and get psychedelic with DJ Jim. Diggin deeper and deeper into his archives, every week will surely be a heady ear candy crystaly treat. Mmmmmmm - Tuesdays on WKDU, baby.
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