Unconscious Compositions on Thu 10/6/11

Artist Title Album New
Miles Davis Right Off! A Tribute to Jack Johnson
Starfucker Mystery Cloud Reptillians
Starscream Ultraviolet Future, Towards the Edge of Forever
Com Truise Flightwave Galactic Melt
Dynamix 1+1 Feel the Bass Bass Jams
Joe Grimelight 12"
Untold Dante 12"
Sarantis Badman Dub 12"
String Theory Eugelab Radiovalerian
Portishead Portishead Portishead
Chris Are Souless a brief history of the future
Gabor Szabo WItchcraft Spellbinder
Sean Kuti Think Africa 12"
Eek-A-Mouse I Love Weed Eek-A-Speeka
Beats Antique Snarl Axel Elekrafone
Beats Antique Uneven Elekrafone
The Barr Brothers Give the Devil Back His Heart S/T
Juluka Spirit is the Journey Scatterlings
AM & Shawn Lee Dark Into Light Celestial Electric
Parliment Supergroovealistic-Prosifunkstication Mothership Connection
Johnny Guitar Watson It's All About the Doller Bill Funk Beyond the Call of Duty
The Japanese Popstars Catapult Controlling Your Allegiance
Jeff Beck Constipated Duck Blow By Blow
Larry Coryell Diedra Level One
Weather Report Jungle Book Mysterious Traveler
Jerry Garcia Deal Jerry Garcia

Unconscious Compositions

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Tune in and get psychedelic with DJ Jim. Diggin deeper and deeper into his archives, every week will surely be a heady ear candy crystaly treat. Mmmmmmm - Tuesdays on WKDU, baby.
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