Out of the Basement on Wed 10/31/12

1st Our Covered by Eric Osman

Artist Title Album
The Halo Benders Virginia Reel Around The Fountain The Rebels Not In
Sebadoh On Fire Harmacy
Butterglory Cactus Crumble
None More Black Oh There's Legwork Loud About Loathing
Descendents Bikeage Milo Goes To College
Menzingers Irish Goodbyes Mixed Signals
Chris Cresswell Liver Alone 4 Way Split
Rocky Votolato Suicide Medicine Suicide Medicine
Everyone Everywhere Turn and Go and Turn Everyone Everywhere (2012)
Dillinger Four Doublewhiskeycokenoice Midwestern Songs Of The Americas
The Lawrence Arms 100 Resolutions Present Day Memories
O Pioneers!!! Cool Kid City Neon Creeps

Monday Night Football

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