BoerLore on Wed 12/5/12

Hello and welcome to another edition of BoerLore here on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm. Specializing in 50's - 80's West African/Caribbean Psychedelic Rock, Reggae, & Calypso, I made sure to throw and extra dash of Sir Victor Uwaifo without wimping out on the big band. It should get interesting. Be sure to follow Dissociative Identity Productions (Youtube, FB, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.) to learn about all our activities outside of the station and tune in each Wednesday from 6-8 pm for Dissociative Identity & BoerLore. You won't regret it.

- Cliff

Artist Title Album
Sir Victor Uwaifo Talking Instruments (Ekassa 8)
Abel Zenon Pas O Soue La
The Soul Fantasticas Ain't No Sunshine
Sir Victor Uwaifo Atete (Ekassa 38)
The Cutlass Dance Band Hwehwe Mu Yi Mpena
El Super Combo Curro Puerto Rico Zumbando
The Duncan Brothers Dreams (Edit)
Idamerica Ruz Con Osvaldo Ayala Su Conjunto No Llores Porque Me Voy
Honey & The Bees Band Sisi Mbon
Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Jeka Dubu
The Funkees Dancing Time
Sir Jablonsky Juck Juck Pt. 1
The Otarus Omohupa
Sawaaba Soundz Owuo
Sir Victor Uwaifo Ebibi (Ekassa 28)


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Trying to travel south to Colombia for some Psychedelic Classics? Or East to Ghana for some Jam Band Grandness? Then join BoerLore every week for the unknown legends of decades past and brighten up your day with some authentic, West African / Caribbean Psychedelic Rock.