BoerLore on Wed 1/30/13

Welcome to BoerLore here on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm, part of Dissociative Identity Productions. We've got The Rob, we've got The Funkees, and we've got the Hedzoleh Soundz. What more could you ask for? So stick around and tune in for good tunes and good times. You're welcome.

- Cliff

Artist Title Album
Hedzoleh Soundz Yei Baa Gbe Wo
Bukom Mashie Disco Africa
The Rob Loose Up Yourself
Frederick Clark Soul Chombo
The Funkees Salem
Hedzoleh Soundz Hedzoleh!
The Rob Back On You
Ralph Weeks We're Still Strong
Jay-u Experience Some More
Ogyatanaa Showband Ageisheka
Jungle Rat USA Just Love One Another
Robert Loison Jean Fouille, Pie Fouille


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Trying to travel south to Colombia for some Psychedelic Classics? Or East to Ghana for some Jam Band Grandness? Then join BoerLore every week for the unknown legends of decades past and brighten up your day with some authentic, West African / Caribbean Psychedelic Rock.