BoerLore on Wed 2/13/13

This, ladies & gentlemen, is BoerLore, here exclusively on WKDU Philadelphia, 91.7 fm. We've got all of your favorite 1950's-1980's West African & Caribbean Calypso, Reggae, and Psychedelic Rock, plus a whole lot more which will serve as a pleasant surprise. So join BoerLore as we explore unknown classics and be sure to check out our site for all of our other activities. Thanks!

- Cliff

Artist Title Album
Hedzoleh Soundz Hearts Ne Kotoko
Boombaya Boombaya
Sir Victor Uwaifo Egbe Natete
Gyedu-blay Ambolleh & His Creations Akoko Ba
Puerto Rico Y Su Combo La Cumbia del Pescador
The Rob Make It Fast,
Hedzoleh Soundz Kaa Ye Oyai
Les Kings Oriza
St. Peter & His Holymen Bofoo Beye Abowa Den
Los Silvertones Tamborito Swing
Paulson Kalu Afrikhanah & His Star 25 Ochea Special
Pagadeja Tamale
Anzala, Dolor, Velo Ti Fi La Ou Te Madam'


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Trying to travel south to Colombia for some Psychedelic Classics? Or East to Ghana for some Jam Band Grandness? Then join BoerLore every week for the unknown legends of decades past and brighten up your day with some authentic, West African / Caribbean Psychedelic Rock.