Vrillon Radio on Mon 5/20/13

Artist Title Album New
The Growl Liarbird What Would Christ Do??
The Black Angels Holland Indigo Meadow
Foxygen Oh Yeah
Portugal. The Man The Home The Satanic Satanist
The Features Won't Be Long The Features
O'Brother Sputnik Garden Window
Mischief Brew Bang-Up Policework Rhapsody for Knives 7'
Streetlight Manifesto With Any Sort of Certainty The Hands That Theives
The Flaming Lips Turning Violent The Terror
Margot & The Nuclear So and So's A Children's Crusade on Acid Not Animal
The National Sea Of Love Trouble Will Find Me
Gutbucket Throsp% Sludge Test
Janek Gwizdala It Only Happens Once It Only Happens Once
Church of Misery The Gray Man (Albert Fish) Houses Of The Unholy
Byzantine Caldera Byzantine
Kverlertak Nekroskop Kvelertak
The Replacements We're Coming Out Let It Be
The Velvet Underground Cool It Down Loaded
Big Star Thank You Friends Third
The Velvet Underground Oh! Sweet Nuthin' Loaded

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This is the show for people who listen to tons of random genres. I'll have everything from folk, to stoner metal, so check out the show at 2pm on Thursdays!