Downtown Paul Brown on Wed 6/12/13

Favorite albums of my college career (fall 2009 - fall 2012 ...didn't have time for any 2013 albums :( .... )

Artist Title Album
Lightning Bolt The Sublime Freak Earthly Delights
Flaming Lips Convinced of the Hex Embryonic
Atlas Sound Walkabout (ft Noah Lennox) Logos
Okapi Bah! Love Him
Dinosaur Feathers Teenage Whore Fantasy Memorial
Liars Scarecrows On A Killer Slant Sisterworld
Tallest Man On Earth Burden Of Tomorrow The Wild Hunt
Caribou Odessa Swim
Flying Lotus Do The Astral Plane Cosmogramma
LCD Soundsystem Dance Yrself Clean This Is Happening
Janelle Monae Locked Inside The Archandroid
Menomena Queen Black Acid Mines
Grinderman Evil! Grinderman 2
The Walkmen Angela Surf City Lisbon
Gold Panda Same Dream China Lucky Shiner
Tune-Yards Doorstep w h o k i l l
Shannon and the Clams You Will Always Bring Me Flowers Sleep Talk
Man Man Dark Arts Life Fantastic
Ted Nguyent Dudes Morning After Pizza & Regret
St. Vincent Dilettante Strange Mercy
The Music Tapes To All Who Say Goodnight Mary's Voice
Grizzly Bear Sun In Your Eyes Shields
The Cairo Gang Now You Are One Of Us The Corner Man

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