Vrillon Radio on Mon 6/24/13

Artist Title Album New
Restorations In Perpituity Throughout the Universe II
Graveyard Slow Motion Countdown Lights Out
The Black Angels Always Maybe Indigo Meadow
Wavves Everything Is My Fault Afraid of Heights
Portugal. The Man Modern Jesus Evil Friends
The Features This Disorder The Features
Purling Hiss Lolita Water on Mars
Byzantine Caldera Byzantine
Church of Misery Master of Brutality (John Wayne Gacy) Master of Brutality
Pentagram All Your Sins Relentless
The Shrine Zipper Tripper Primitive Blast
Annihilation Time Splashback Tales of the Ancient Age
Lecherous Gaze Grave Lecherous Gaze
The Stooges T.V. Eye Fun House
King Tuff Lazer Beam Was Dead
Mischief Brew Bang-up Policework Rhapsody for Knives
Shovels & Rope Bad As Me Johnny 99/Bad As Me
Fortress Social Club Business by Day, Business By Night Dreamin' The Life
Pokey LaFarge The Devil Ain't Lazy Pokey LaFarge
The Uncluded The Aquarium Hokey Fright
The Flaming Lips Look, The Sun Rising The Terror
Ratatat Gettysburg Classics

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This is the show for people who listen to tons of random genres. I'll have everything from folk, to stoner metal, so check out the show at 2pm on Thursdays!