Out of the Basement on Mon 9/30/13

Artist Title Album New
Tiny Empires Interview With a Jampire Tigers Jaw Split
The Marine Electric Sea Fever Restrained Joy
King God My Friend Laughter, My Friend Night For
Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe The Montauk Project I Only Miss You When I Want To
By Surprise Criteria Criteria
Girl Brains Poncho: the Ugliest Dog 7 Inch Spliff
Kids FMAMN Henley
Vietnam Bobby's Coming World Tour
Rescurer Shame Shame
Alex G Forever Trick
Pill Friends Rituals Blessed Suffering
The Flatliners Caskets Full Dead Language
Bad Side Locked Up In the Decompression Room Everybody Wants Something From Me
Diarrhea Planet The Sound of My Ceiling Fan I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Yeesh Japanese Jabberwocky Yeesh EP
Marietta OK Mom OK Mom
Smoother Hot Topic Hot Topic
Mumblr Choose to Be Alone Corner Store EP
Christopher Walking Vintage Orton Pillow Fights
Dingus Unknown Demo
The Ambulars We're Golden Dreamers Asleep at the Wheel
Modern Baseball Voting Early
Radiator Hospital Our Song Something Wild
Balance and Composure Reflection The Things We Think We're Missing
Dr. Dog Broken Heart B Room
The Reptillian Chimney Wizard Low Health
Gunk F to E Gradual Shove
NONA Jack Chan Through the Head
Signals Midwest St. Vincent's Charity Light on the Lake

Monday Night Football

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Previewing upcoming punk/indie/DIY shows in the Philadelphia area.