Hear Hear Radio on Mon 11/4/13

Artist Title Album New
Boy and Bear Southern Sun Harlequin Dream
Typhoon Artificial Light White Lighter
The Paper Kites Leopold Street Young North
Lily & Madeleine Nothing But Time Lily & Madeleine
The Oh Hello's I Was Wrong Through The Deep, Dark Valley
Admiral Fallow Subbuteo Boots Met My Face
Man Man Oni Swan On Oni Pond
Beirut La Llorona March of the Zapotec & Realpeople: Holland
Why? Hunter Van Brocklin Golden Tickets
Minor Alps Buried Plans Get There
Oberhofer Haus Time Capsules II
Gringo Star Satisfy My Mind Floating Out to See
Mikal Cronin Shout It Out MCII
Cass McCombs Big Wheel Big Wheels And Others
Diane Coffee Eat Your Love (With Sriracha) My Friend Fish
Marijuana Deathsquads Master Of None Oh My Sexy Lord
Polica Warrior Lord Shulamith
Haerts All The Days Hemiplegia
Young Statues Pretty Girls Make Raves Young Statues
Wavves Hippies Is Punks Afraid of Heights
FIDLAR Stoked and Broke FIDLAR
Glocca Morra Hot & Informed Just Married
Mixtapes Bad Parts Ordinary Silence
Tigers Jaw Fake Death 4-Way Split
Modern Baseball Play Ball! Sports
Pretty Lights So Bright (feat. Eligh) A Color Map of the Sun
Grieves Light Speed Together/Apart
Soul Position Mic Control Unlimited EP
Atmosphere Bob Seger
RJD2 Final Frontier Deadringer
P.O.S The Brave And The Snake Never Better

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