Rock Bottom Radio on Wed 1/14/15

Artist Title Album Label New
Pia Fraus Deep Purple Girl Plastilina EP
Grimes Circumambient Visions
Blonde Redhead Vague Vague/Jet Star 7" (1994) smell like records
Girlpool American Beauty Girlpool
Alvvays Adult Diversion Alvvays
California X Blackrazor Nights in the dark
Jesus Lizard Fly on the Wall
Allison Crutchfield No One Talks Lean In To It Local! <3
Parquet Courts These Boots Content Nausea
Dub Thompson Dograces 9 Songs
Mea Culpa Mea Culpa EP Mea Culpa EP ~ New Orleans ~
Screaming Females I Don't Mind It Castle Talk

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