Music by a Band on Tue 1/27/15

Artist Title Album New
River Whyless Maple Sap River Whyless
Mark Rogers & Mary Byrne Grren Gold Violet I Line My Days Along Your Weight
Laura Marling Where Can I Go? Once I Was An Eagle
Mirel Wagner In My Father's House When The Cellar Children See The Light of Day
Hurray For The Riff Raff Take Me Young Blood Blues
Wayes Blood Bad Magic The Innocents
Dark Dark Dark All The Things The Snow Magic
Jenny O. In Our Hands Automechanic
Folk Uke Worthless Reincarnation
Wild Child Victm To Charm The Runaround
Timber Timbre Woman Creep On Creepin' On
Damien Jurado Silver Katherine Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son
Diane Coffee WWWoman My Friend Fish
James Vincent McMorrow Post Tropical Post Tropical
Mega Bog Gone Banana Gone Banana
Tennis 100 Lovers Small Sound
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Dark Water The Speed of Things
Typhoon Young Fathers White Lighter
Röyksopp Goodnight Mr. Sweetheart The Inevitable End
FaltyDL Rolling (μ-Ziq Remix) ///I\II\\\\
Mark McGuire In Search Of The Miraculous Along The Way
Summer Camp Whatever Beyond Clueless
Bear Mountain Sing Xo
Lusine By This Sound The Waiting Room
Starfucker Born Reptilians

Music by a Band

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Hey boys and girls, time to get excited for another gripping musical experience. A magnificent hodgepodge of cacophonies is to be heard far and wide. So make sure to tune in and listen to you most magnanimous DJ, here at WKDU.