Rock Bottom Radio on Wed 2/18/15

Artist Title Album Label New
Donora Always Gonna Be Ha Ha Heart
Speedy Ortiz American Horror Real Hair ::RAWK BLAWK::
Speedy Ortiz Raising Skate ~Single~ Carpark
Mitski First Love/Late Spring Bury Me at Makeout Creek
Jacuzzi Boys I Saw it All No Seasons
Screaming Females It's Nice Ugly ~congrats Sarina~
Crystal Castles Empathy (II)
Title Fight Mrahc Hyperview
Eagulls Nerve Endings Eagulls PARTISAN
Cheatahs Get Tight Cheatahs WICHITA
THE GO-BETWEENS Was There Anything I could DO? 16 Lovers Lane
The Replacements Shiftless When Idle Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take out the Trash
The Spinanes Rummy Imp Years

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