Music that Kills Puppies on Sun 2/22/15

Artist Title Album New
St. Vitus Look Behind You Born Too Late
Serpent Throne As the Serpent Descends The Battle of Old Crow
Crypt Sermon Into the Holy of Holies Out of the Garden
No Stayer Forest by the Mountain First EP
Acid Witch Sabbath of the Undead Stoned
Tenspeed Warlock Saduhem Suffering is the Inheritance of Man
The Wounded Kings Lost Bride Consolamentum
Torche Minions Restarter
Kylesa Ceaseless Becoming Kylesa
Rwake Nagarachi Xenoglassia (re-issue)
The Body and Thou The Wheel Weaves and the Wheel Wills You, Whom I have Always Hated
His Hero is Gone Cavities Monuments to Thieves
Parasytic Prophesies Hymn LP
Oiltanker End of the Rope Oiltanker/No Tomorrow
Infernal Stronghold Urban Blasphemy Piss & Poison
Noia People to Erase Necessary Extinction
Birdflesh Gut to Kill Night of the Ultimate Mosh
Napalm Death Smash the Single Digit Apex Predator - Easy Meat
Rotten Sound Suffer the Children (Napalm Death cover) Napalm
Hatred Surge Old and Tired Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare
Hatred Surge Farce Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare
Unrest You Take Grindcore
Nasum Shapeshifter Inhale/Exhale
Early Graves Borrowed Teeth, Borrowed Claws We: The Guillotine
Nothing is Over Game Crusher Negative Fucking Energy
Occult 45 Tehran Desert Vampire Grind the Lightning
Bloody Phoenix No Remains Left War, Hate, and Misery
Terrorizer Fear of Napalm World Downfall
Terrorizer Human Prey World Downfall
Malignant Tumor Earthshaker Earthshaker
Exhumed Open the Abscess Gore Metal
SixBrewBantha Governmentality S/T LP
Insect Warfare Disassembler This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. I
Insect Warfare Cancer of Oppression This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. I
Municipal Waste Mutants of War Waste 'em All
Municipal Waste Knife Fight Waste 'em All
Terror Squad Straight to Hell The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin

Music that Kills Puppies

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I command you to listen to Music that Kills Puppies. And, no, I don't mean the music Michael Vick listens to. Scare away your friends and family with music that your grandma thinks sounds like hedge-clippers. Not bound by stigma, creed, or ethos; a potent mix of the most hellish music this world has to offer.

Big Balls, Bigger Riffs.