Technical Difficulties on Mon 3/2/15

Jacob's 3rd sitin

Artist Title Album Label New
Psycroptic Cold Psycroptic
Anciients Faith And Oath Heart Of Oak
Rwake Stairwell Xenoglossalgia
Strapping Young Lad Skin Me Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing
Napalm Death Smash A Single Digit Apex Predator
The Red Chord Hour Of Rats Fed Through The Teeth Machine
Blotted Science Night Terror The Mechaniations Of Dementia
Meshuggah Future Breed Machine Destroy Erase Improve
A Perfect Circle Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums Emotive
Zu Soulympics Carboniferous
Mr. Bungle Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz Disco Volante
------------ ------------- ------------ -----------
Dive Caribou Our Love
Melanine Tycho Dive Ghostly International
Lo-Velo Evenings Yore LP
Silver Plain Thrupence Unfinished Business Tape
This Machine Will Kill Your Local DJ GRAND INC Singles MMXIV
Dos Gardenias FaltyDL In The Wild
heavenly voices$ Moresebya morphine
TryTry oOoOO Our Love Is Hurting Us
LA Cold Fingers Dreams
Slow Burn Telepathic Teddy Bear Forgiveness
Lovebites Kassett/Margo Lovebites
Romeo Until The Ribbon Breaks A Lesson Unlearnt
Jace The Mind Sculptor Michna Thousand Thursday
Over Inland Lawrence English Fable
Time Tommy Jacob Last EP

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