Rock Bottom Radio on Wed 3/11/15

Artist Title Album New
Homeshake Doo Dah In The Shower
Jeff Rosenstock Nausea We Cool?
Girlpool Paint Me Colors Girlpool
Jenny Lewis ft. ELVIS COSTELLO Carpetbaggers Acid Tongue
GOAT Words Commune
Jessica Lea Mayfield Oblivious Make My Head Sing
Broken Beak Mire Old Evil
Tijuana Panthers Father Figure Semi-Sweet
Weatherbox The Devil and Whom? Flies in All Directions
Sleater-Kinney Fangless No Cities to Love
Menace Beach Tennis Court Rat World
The Wytches Wide at Midnight Annabel Dream Reader
Waxahatchee Brother Bryan Cerulean Salt
Good Old War Coney Island Only Way to be Alone
Colleen Green Pay Attenion I Want to Grow Up

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