Toilet Radio on Mon 3/30/15

Artist Title Album New
Sugar Loaf Spaceship Earth Spaceship Earth
Blue Cheer Out Of Focus Vincebus Eruptum
Road Space Ship Earth Road
The Traps Mister H Boom Pow Awesome Wow
Faust The Sad Skinhead IV
The Pop! Som Imaginario De Jimmi Hendrix Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas
Mount Mckinleys The Cake Eater left hand controls volume, right hand controls pitch
Screamin' Mee-mees Dogfishin' Nude Invisible Foot Phenomenon
Asphyxiation The Crush Can't Stop It! II - Australian
Almon Memela The Things We Do In Soweto Next Stop Soweto: Zulu Rock, Afro-Disco and Mbaqanga 1975-1985
WITCH That's What I Want We Intent To Cause Havoc!
Bobby J. & The Generations Lost in Time Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go
The Nightcrawlers Want Me Back From The Grave Volume 8
Nino Ferrer Mirza Tendres Annees
The Fleshtones Dance With The Ghoulman More Than Skin Deep
Almendra Ana No Duerme Almendra
Vulture Shit AARP Without A Trace
Double Dagger Corporate Logo Preservation Society Double Dagger
Herman's Hermits Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter Herman's Hermits Retrospective
The Mumbletypegs Boby Surfin' To Waikiki Boby Surfin' To Waikiki
Shel Silverstein Drain My Brain Crouchin' On The Outside
Shel Silverstein Have Another Espresso Inside Folk Songs
Bukkake Moms Weezer Did 9/11
Wildfire Smokin' Don't Look For Me
The Alarm Clocks No Reason To Complain Yeah!: Savage 1966 Ohio Garage Raunch
Rodd Keith Hippy Happy Land I Died Today
Kim Fowley Bubble Gum Outrageous
Lightning Bolt Runaway Train Fantasy Empire
The Trawgs I Can't Control Myself From The Ashes Perfect Attainment Shall Be

Toilet Radio

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Monday 10pm-12am
A weekly, radio-based teleportation to an imaginary living room. This living room is outfitted with thick shag carpet, wood paneling, two turntables, a 10,000 watt soundsystem, and an assortment of ugly but comfortable chairs. On the walls, there are amateur oil paintings of Hall & Oates next to ratty, screen-printed posters from punk shows. You take a seat and sip whatever you’re drinking on a muggy Monday night. At 8 PM sharp, your friends Nick and Es drop the needle on a record. You haven’t heard it before, you may never hear it again, but damn, those 1970s studio musicians could play….
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