Electramagick covered by Matthew Rotella on Thu 4/16/15

Artist Title Album Label
Rejekto Robotiko Rejecto (Perfekto Mix) Robotiko Rejecto
Alexander Robotnick Problemes d'Amour Fuzz Dance
Deodato Bachmania Knights Of Fantasy
Skinnerbox NYC Sexy Tales Of The Red
Skankin' Pickle Doin' Something Naughty Skafunkrastapunk
Tower Of Power What Is Hip Tower Of Power Request
Fishbone Bonin' In The Boneyard Truth And Soul
Scram Fear Skate Rock Vol. 4
The Rudiments The Sweet Doctor Circle Our Empire
Kanda Bongo Man Isambe (Album Version) Zing Zong


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This sound will inspire you to your next thrill ride. It’s a soundtrack that you’d find more fun to listen on a day you’re just feeling weird. Playlists taking on inspirations from Witch house, I make it feel like Halloween for more than just one day (or however many Halloweens you have).
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