Jazz & Conversation on Tue 4/21/15

Artist Title Album
Fats Waller If You're a Viper The Centennial Collection
Cab Calloway The Man From Harlem Scats, Sings, and Swings
Trixie Smith Jack I'm Mellow Trixie Smith Vol. 2 1925-1929
Sidney Betchet Viper Mad Ken Burns Jazz
Stuff Smith Here Comes The Man With The Jive Hot Jazz Violin
Georgie White The Stuff is Here Georgia White Vol. 3 1937-1939
Ella Fitzgerald When I Get Low I Get High Ella Fitzgerald: The Voice of Jazz
Lil Green Knockin' Myself Out Rough Guide To Bessie Smith
Andy Kirk All The Jive is Gone Jive R&B Volume 1
Helen Ward I'm Feeling High and Happy Chronic Tracks
Lucille Bogan Pot Hound Blues Oh, Run Into Me, But Don't Hurt Me!
Tampa Red I'm Gonna Get High Tampa Red Vol. 8 1936-1937
Terra Hazelton The Spinach Song Anybody's Baby
Cow Cow Davenport The Mess is Here Cow Cow Davenport
Jazz Gillum Reefer Head Woman Jazz Gillum Vol. 1 1936-1938

Jazz & Conversation

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It's all rad. The finest evening jazz show you can listen to in the afternoon. Tune in for chill stuff and whatever else I feel like playing.