Toilet Radio on Mon 5/4/15

Artist Title Album New
Vanilla Fudge Ticket To Ride Vanilla Fudge
James Gang The Bomber Rides Again
The Sons It's Time The New Spirit of Capitol
Bliss Gangster of Love The Best Arizona Garage Bands 1967-1970
Yol Aularong Sou Slarp Kroam Kombut Srey Cambodian Rocks
King Khan & BBQ Show Killing the Wolfman Bad News Boys
The Keggs To Find Out Fuzz, Psych & Surf
Peace Kor All I Want Is My Baby Back Back From The Grave Volume 8
Torrin Quinn, Victims Of Chance Victims Of Chance Parts 1 & 2 Fuzz, Psych & Surf
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 One Note Samba Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
Ava Luna Steve Polyster Infinite House
Dead Kennedys The Prey Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death
Double Dagger Camera Chimera Ragged Rubble
The Stooges My Idea Of Fun The Weirdness
Death You Are What You Think N.E.W.
Blue Smiley control ok
Funland Fall Away Sweetness
Pile pets magic isn't real
Dirt Heroes How To Act How To Act EP
Amanaz Khala My Friend Africa
Earth Wind and Fire I Think About Lovin' You The Need Of Love
El Captain Funkaho My 2600 El Captain Funkaho
Harry Beckett Ring Within Rings Strange Breaks & Mr Thing
Horse Lords Wildcat Strike Horse Lords
The Tubes White Punks On Dope T.R.A.S.H.
Contraction `L'Alarme A l'Oeil La Bourse Ou La Vie
Crack The Sky She's A Dancer Crack The Sky
Nazz Open My Eyes Nazz
The Monks Skylab (Theme From The Monks) Bad Habits
10cc The Worst Band In The World Sheet Music

Toilet Radio

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Monday 10pm-12am
A weekly, radio-based teleportation to an imaginary living room. This living room is outfitted with thick shag carpet, wood paneling, two turntables, a 10,000 watt soundsystem, and an assortment of ugly but comfortable chairs. On the walls, there are amateur oil paintings of Hall & Oates next to ratty, screen-printed posters from punk shows. You take a seat and sip whatever you’re drinking on a muggy Monday night. At 8 PM sharp, your friends Nick and Es drop the needle on a record. You haven’t heard it before, you may never hear it again, but damn, those 1970s studio musicians could play….
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