Technical Difficulties on Mon 6/22/15

Artist Title Album New
Sadgiqacea Avianizer Split w/ Grass
Inter Arma 'sblood Sky Burial
Tempel Descending Into The Labyrinth The Moon Lit Our Path
Ihsahn Scarab angL
Noisem Blossoming Of The Web Blossoming Decay
Job For A Cowboy Unfurling A Darkened Gospel Ruination
The Red Chord Catalepsy Fused Together In Revolving Doors
Anagnorisis Clan Of Kerr The Ghosts Of Our Fathers
Ne Obliviscaris Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract The Aurora Veil
Gorguts The Battle Of Chamdo Colored Sands
Gojira In The Forest Terra Incognita
Mastodon We Built This Come Death Call Of The Mastodon
Fight Amp Survival Is Strange Constantly Off
Organ Dealer No Answer Visceral Infection
Ken Mode I Just Like Fire Success
Between The Buried And Me Mordecai The SIlent Circus
A Perfect Circle When The Levee Breaks Emotive
Giant Squid Ampullae Of Lorenzini Metridium Fields
Lunatic Soul The Fear Within Walking On A Flashlight Beam
Blotted Science Vermicular Asphyxiation The Animation Of Entomology
Dream Theater Stream Of Consciousness Train Of Thought

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