Technical Difficulties on Mon 6/29/15

Artist Title Album New
Animals As Leaders Tempting Time Animals As Leaders
Between The Buried And Me Turn On The Darkness Coma Ecliptic
The Contortionist Primal Directive Exoplanet
The Devin Townsend Project Pandemic Deconstruction
Evile Thrasher Enter The Grave
Fight Amp Survival Is Strange Constantly Off
The Giraffes Wage Earner The Giraffes
High On Fire Slave The Hive Luminiferous
Ihsahn The Paranoid Eremitia
Leprous Lower The Congregation
Mastodon Aqua Dementia Leviathan
Noisem Blossoming Of The Web Blossoming Decay
Opeth By The Pain I See In Others Deliverance
Plini Sweet Nothings Sweet Nothings
Quintessenza Oro Pharmakon
Revocation Conjuring The Cataclysm Chaos Of Forms
Sigh Out Of The Grave Graveward
Tempel The Moon Lit Our Path The Moon Lit Our Path
Ufommamut Relevation Ecate
Vektor Echoless Chamber Outer Isolation
Wrvth Looming Soils Wrvth
You Slut! Pitch & Putt With You Slut! Medium Bastard
Zu Ostia Carboniferous

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