Toilet Radio on Mon 7/6/15

no nick :( 2120-2230

Artist Title Album
Blue Cheer Doctor Please Vincebus Eruptum
The Cryin' Shames We'll Meet Again Sugar and Spice
Kino Saw A Night Red Waves
Kino Films Red Waves
Giorgio Moroder I Wanna Rock You E=MC^2
Snafu Hard to Handle All Funked Up
Mountain Silver Paper Climbing!
Grand Funk Railroad In Need
Good Rats Tasty Rats - The Way You Like It
Fleshtones When The Night Falls Live In Paris 85
Green River New God
Roomrunner Wojtek Ideal Cities
Blue Smiley Rain ok
Dash Rip Rock I Saw The Light s/t
Dead Kennedys MTV Get Off the Air FrankenChrist
The OBGMS Torpedo s/t
Ramones Durango 95 Too Tough To Die
Archie and the Bunkers I'm Not Really Sure What I'm Gonna Do
Gories I Think I've Had It
The Bisons Sunday School Song
Mea Culpa Eyes Toward Home Live WKDU

Toilet Radio

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Monday 10pm-12am
A weekly, radio-based teleportation to an imaginary living room. This living room is outfitted with thick shag carpet, wood paneling, two turntables, a 10,000 watt soundsystem, and an assortment of ugly but comfortable chairs. On the walls, there are amateur oil paintings of Hall & Oates next to ratty, screen-printed posters from punk shows. You take a seat and sip whatever you’re drinking on a muggy Monday night. At 8 PM sharp, your friends Nick and Es drop the needle on a record. You haven’t heard it before, you may never hear it again, but damn, those 1970s studio musicians could play….
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