Toilet Radio on Mon 8/24/15

Artist Title Album Label New
Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway You've Got A Friend
Los Locos Del Ritmo Hey Joe
Cirkit Yesterday We Laughed GET OFF MY BACK
Lithuania Poison Hardcore Friends
Heartless Bastards Gates of Dawn Restless Ones
The Shirts Lonely Android The Shirts
Wreck Wrhodesia Soul Train
Wreckless Eric (I'd Go The) Whole Wide World Big Smash
Fleshtones Playing With Fire Up-Front
The Kay-Gees Find A Friend (Conclusion Find A Friend
Janis Joplin Maybe I Got 'Dem ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama FIGHT ME COOP
Charles Bradley Heartaches and Pain Victim of Love
Carole King Nightingale Wrap Around Joy
Sheer Mag Fan the Flames II
Sunday Cannons Peter Pan Days Essential Attitudes Vol.2

Toilet Radio

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Monday 10pm-12am
A weekly, radio-based teleportation to an imaginary living room. This living room is outfitted with thick shag carpet, wood paneling, two turntables, a 10,000 watt soundsystem, and an assortment of ugly but comfortable chairs. On the walls, there are amateur oil paintings of Hall & Oates next to ratty, screen-printed posters from punk shows. You take a seat and sip whatever you’re drinking on a muggy Monday night. At 8 PM sharp, your friends Nick and Es drop the needle on a record. You haven’t heard it before, you may never hear it again, but damn, those 1970s studio musicians could play….
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