Technical Difficulties on Mon 8/31/15

Artist Title Album New
Mastodon The Hunter The Hunter
Isis So Did We Panopticon
Intronaut Valley Of Smoke Valley Of Smoke
Secret Chiefs 3 Vajra Live at Amoeba
Atomic Ape The Blind Snake Charmer Swarm
Surgeon Spectrum Surgeon
Between The Buried And Me King Redeem - Queen Serene Coma Ecliptic
Mutoid Man Reptilian Soul Bleeder
High On Fire Slave The Hive Luminiferous
Pig Destroyer The Diplomat Book Burner
Fantômas animali in calore surriscaldati con ipertermia genitale Split 5"
Melt-Banana Cat in Red Split 5"
The Electromagnetic Azoth (SC3) On the Wings of the Haoma Book of Horizons
Animals As Leaders On Impulse Animals as Leaders
Noisem Burning Blossoming Decay
Blotted Science Ingesting Blattaria The Animation of Entomology
Goblin Rebirth Mysterium Goblin Rebirth
Meshuggah Bleed ObZen
Zu Mimosa Hostilis Carboniferous
Ga'an Chasmaeon Ga'an
Mr. Bungle None Of Them Knew They Were Robots California
At The Gates Blinded By Fear Slaughter Of The Soul
Buckethead The Hand (w/ Maximum Bob) Enter The Chicken

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