Jazz & Conversation on Fri 7/1/16

Talk like Miles baby

Artist Title Album
One Minute Jazz Orchestra I can Play Bb One Minute Backing Tracks
Warren Wolf Havoc Convergence
Krzysztof Komeda Pushing The Car Roman Polanski's Cul-De Sac and Knife In The Water
Michael Brecker Cool Day In Hell Wide Angles
Janusz Muniak My Shining Hour Annie
Grachan Monchur III Octet Monk In Wonderland Exploration
Art Peper Our Song Winter Moon
Monty Alexander What's Going On (Wa'a Gwan) Harlem-Kingston Express Vol. 2: The River Rolls On
Herbie Mann Battle Hymn of The Republic Memphis Underground
Baby Huey and the Baby Sitters Listen To Me The Baby Huey Story: The Living Legend
Benedikt Jahnel Trio And Lasalle Modular Concepts
Pablo Held Is This The End Glow
Alboran Trio Cinque Lunghissimi Minuti Meltemi
The Westlake High School Jazz Band The Nutcracker Suite 2012 Midwest Clinic
Quazimode Last Nine Days The Land of Freedom
Sleep Walker Brotherhood Brotherhood
Sunaga T Experience Versiliana Samba A Letter from allnighters
Takuya Kuroda Edge Edge
Mammal Hands Hillum Floa

Jazz & Conversation

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It's all rad. The finest evening jazz show you can listen to in the afternoon. Tune in for chill stuff and whatever else I feel like playing.