Jazz & Conversation on Fri 7/15/16

Artist Title Album New
One Minute Jazz Orchestra I Play Blues Like Bird One Minute Backing Tracks
One Minute Jazz Orchestra I Play Jazz That Grooves One Minute Backing Tracks
Cedar Walton Relaxin' At Camarillo LIVE Sides
Marc Mangen Trio Seascape Strains of Delight and Despair
Dean Fraiser Storm We Remember Gregory Isaacs
Milton Marsh Tears of Joy Are More Precious than Pearls The Music of Milton Marsh Revisited Vol. 1
Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra Yambambo Uniting Beats
Hiromi Beethoven's Piano Sonata no. 8, Pathetique Voice
Peter Asplund Quartet Wonderyear As Knights Concur
Alboran Trio Balkan Air Meltemi
Gravity Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr Gravity
Alex Lattimore Sunlight In My Rain Alex Lattimore Live
Dave Douglas Mission Acropolis Dark Territory
Brian Ellis Banana Seat In The Dark
Sassac Jaco Kelly Hyperion
Turquoise Summers The Lonliest Groove Shades
Midnight Runners Cold Intimacy Open Labs
Psychic Mirrors Stormy Weather Nature of Evil
Sven Atterton Always Remember The Cove
Uku Kuut Future Times London: 38 Demos From The 80's
Dwight Sykes Bye Songs, Vol. 1
Louie Bellson Percussionistically Speaking Skin Deep
Jo Jones Cubano Chant The Essential

Jazz & Conversation

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It's all rad. The finest evening jazz show you can listen to in the afternoon. Tune in for chill stuff and whatever else I feel like playing.