Toilet Radio covered by ebonie on Mon 8/15/16

Metal&Coffee covering...

Artist Title Album Label
Monolord Die in Haze Lord of Suffering
Russian Circles Vorel Guidance
Underling Blackout Bloodworship
Cult of Luna Finland Somewhere Along the Highway
A Storm of Light Fall Nations to Flames
Year of No Light Traversée Nord
Venom Welcome to Hell In League With Satan Listener Request
Kylesa Scapegoat Static Tensions
Fight Amp I Perceive Reptoids Constantly Off
SUMAC Rigid Man What One Becomes
SUMAC Will to Reach What One Becomes
Psalm Zero Not Guilty Stranger to Violence Listener Request
Rosetta Wake Wake/Lift
Sourvein Avian Dawn Aquatic Occult
Gojira Ocean Planet From Mars to Sirius Listener Request
Ufomammut Temple Ecate

Toilet Radio

This program is not on the schedule.
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 10pm-12am
Monday 10pm-12am
A weekly, radio-based teleportation to an imaginary living room. This living room is outfitted with thick shag carpet, wood paneling, two turntables, a 10,000 watt soundsystem, and an assortment of ugly but comfortable chairs. On the walls, there are amateur oil paintings of Hall & Oates next to ratty, screen-printed posters from punk shows. You take a seat and sip whatever you’re drinking on a muggy Monday night. At 8 PM sharp, your friends Nick and Es drop the needle on a record. You haven’t heard it before, you may never hear it again, but damn, those 1970s studio musicians could play….
Before That