Strawberry Shrapnel covered by NickManna on Fri 2/3/17

Artist Title Album New
Jay Som Peach Boy Turn Into
Foxygen Avalon Hang
Forth Wanderers Know Better Slop EP
Tyvek Tip to Tail Origin of What
Cosmonauts A-OK A-OK!
Cosmonauts Doom Generation A-OK!
Bad Moves Drain Me s/t EP
Priests JJ Nothing Feels Natural
Outer Spaces Words A Shedding Shake
Sad13 Sad13 Slugger
Radiator Hospital Cut Your Bangs Torch Song
Spook School Speak when You're Spoken To Try to Be Hopeful
Vacation Heat Non-Person
Hound Affordable Hypnotist Out of Time
RVIVR Rain Down s/t
La Neve American Sounds American Sounds
Lemuria Clay Baby The Distance is so Big
Sneaks XTY
Gauche Copper Woman Get Away w Gauche
John E Combat Get Out Pain Milk

Strawberry Shrapnel

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Daiquiri and danger in musical form. Dippin' dots, takin' names. Watch out for brain freeze.